Create high-performing data-driven hiring teams

Build an unbeatable hiring team by learning from the people they work with most; candidates.

A recruitment manager talking to a recruiter about her Candidate Experience performance.

"Starred allowed us to tell a much larger story. A lot of what’s happening with candidates doesn’t always involve recruiters. With in-depth feedback from candidates, we were able to identify them and tell that story back to the business."

Kristine Boccio
Senior Global Recruiting Operations Manager
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Measuring and Analyzing your Candidate Experience can help you to:

Increase Hiring Team performance

It’s impossible to improve what you don’t measure, and that’s the first step to working out how you can increase your team's performance. Being able to delve into the data allows you to clearly identify where your team can grow and who can benefit from training.

Two recruiters looking at Starred Recruiter Performance dashboards

Individual Recruiter Performance 

By measuring individual performance, you can easily ensure that your team is on the right track. This helps you to improve both your teams performance as well as individual team members.

Use Starred to measure Individual Recruiter Performance

Make data-driven strategic changes

Measuring and analyzing your data enables you to easily uncover and identify improvements that can help your team grow. You can easily see what areas your team should prioritize with our Priority Matrix, allowing you to focus on what has the most impact.

Become data-driven in coaching your hiring team

Train your recruitment team for success 

As you begin to uncover data on your team of recruiters, you will see that some team members require additional training. After all, it’s natural that some people within the team may need upskilling in certain areas. Being able to easily identify this means you can easily remedy any issues.

Set your team up for success with Starred Hiring Team performance features

"We take feedback from the Starred surveys - positive and negative, and we call it out every Friday. We have a reward every quarter for TA where someone wins the award for best Candidate Experience. We use Starred surveys as one of the reasons to promote those who actually have zero negative feedback."

Pea Lord-Doyle
Global Head of Talent
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We have everything you need to:

  • Make data-driven strategic decisions on your hiring process
  • Identify opportunities and efficiencies that can be made during the process
  • Understand your candidates
  • Benchmark yourself against your competitors
  • Uncover the potential weaknesses within your team and address them
  • Clearly see how each member of your team is performing

There is even more!

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