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Lars van Wieren Lars van Wieren


Mark Berendsen Mark Berendsen

Managing Director

Bram van Gestel Bram van Gestel


Sanne van der Meer Sanne van der Meer

Customer Happiness Manager

Hedwig Middelveld Hedwig Middelveld

Sales Manager

James Bull James Bull

UK Country Manager

Ignacio Gallegos Ignacio Gallegos

Head of Marketing

Xandra Bronckers Xandra Bronckers

Customer Success Manager

Nichola King Nichola King

Customer Happiness Manager UK

Niels Rozemeijer Niels Rozemeijer

Customer Happiness Agent

Alex Jost Alex Jost

Content Marketeer

Lisa Brouwer Lisa Brouwer

Growth Marketeer

Vincent Rentenaar Vincent Rentenaar

Business Development Representative

Susie Mooney Susie Mooney

Business Development Representative

Fabio Embaló Fabio Embaló

Business Development Representative

Peter Strik Peter Strik

Head of Finance & Analytics

Diana Furtună Diana Furtună

Talent Recruiter

Jari Sanders Jari Sanders

Head of Product

Khizar Naeem Khizar Naeem

Head of Integrations

Afraz Ahmadzadeh Afraz Ahmadzadeh

DevOps Engineer

Jan Verton Jan Verton

Senior Software Engineer

Michael Dokolin Michael Dokolin

Senior Software Engineer

Marius Buivydas Marius Buivydas

Software Developer

Aimilia Kelaidi Aimilia Kelaidi

Jr. Software Developer

Fatima Kauser Fatima Kauser

QA Engineer

Mac Kozal Mac Kozal

UX Designer


Starred makes feedback better for everyone

Feedback matters, and it’s been missing a human touch. It’s time for companies who are ready to listen. We empower the conversation.

Start with the human.

We put the respondent first in our products, and we're upfront and honest with each other in everything we do.

Embrace & drive change.

If we see something we don’t like we change it. If we can’t change it we change our attitude, we don't complain.

Take ownership.

We don't rent our jobs, we make them our own. This means taking initiative, experimenting and learning from mistakes.

Work smarter, not harder.

We focus on getting things done so we can celebrate success, have fun and live life.

Building together.

We empower one another to do our very best work, rather than hand-holding we unburden each other wherever possible.

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