The Hiring Experience platform of the future is (almost) here!

Top quality candidates want high quality experiences.
It's time we give you both. Coming soon.

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  • Built on tens of millions of survey responses and years of industry experience

  • A product suite to make hiring sustainable, all with candidates at the center

  • For stellar companies to attract quality talent

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Let's make hiring sustainable

Exceptional Candidate Experiences have been on our agenda from the very beginning. Thousands of Talent Acquisition professionals, 10,000,000+ candidates and one merger later, we're ready to take our mission to the next level. Unwaveringly, the goal of making the experience of hiring and getting hired far more enjoyable has been our guiding north star in everything we do.

Soon, we will launch something that has been years in the making. A Hiring Experience platform of the future, enriching our existing offering and giving us a full circle moment with the aim of making candidate-centric hiring the norm. With tens of millions of survey responses under our belt, we couldn't be more ready to give the world of recruitment exactly what it needs: not just another job board, but a product suite built on the candidates' terms.

7 months ago, Talenthub x Starred have merged to become a leading platform for candidate-centric recruitment. Today, our joint experiences equip us to offer a suite of products that help candidates land their dream job and provide advanced Candidate Experience insights for companies who aim to attract the world’s best talent. Because top quality candidates want high quality experiences.

Keep your eyes peeled, we're about to disrupt the Talent Acquisition space once again!