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Today is a very big day at, as we can announce that we have successfully raised a seed round of $5M led by the successful danish venture fund SEED Capital with support from VF Venture and a group of really strong founders and HR executives.

As a company we are on a mission to make recruitment better for both candidates and companies. The competition for talent has never been greater worldwide and for businesses, their future hiring success depends on delivering a candidate-centric recruitment process, where the candidates are placed in the center of the process.

What’s next?

We’re extremely fortunate to have such an amazing group of investors to join us and the new capital will be used to grow our team and develop more products and features, that our customers can’t live without. 

“We are facing a future where recruitment will to a greater extent be on the candidates’ terms. Therefore, companies need to have a more candidate-focused approach to recruitment, where the recruitment process is designed based on the candidates’ preferences.”

“The timing to accelerate our growth further is absolutely perfect for us. We see an increasing demand in both Europe and the USA, where more and more companies want a more data-driven approach to recruitment and focus on the experience along the way. The investment enables us to accelerate our international growth and thus make life better for job seekers worldwide.”

 - Daniel Birkholm, CEO

A lot of interest

Consequently, with the growing curiosity around the future of work and HR technology, began to draw interest from venture funds in Europe and the United States. This resulted in’s decision to partner with the successful Danish venture fund, Seed Capital. As lead investor, Seed Capital’s experience supporting the international scaling of tech companies such as Trustpilot, Vivino, and Templafy offers a template to follow.

Seed Capital’s General Partner, Peter Egehoved, says about the investment:

“ has identified a niche in the recruitment market that benefits job applicants and companies alike. They have already achieved international success, which must now be built on. With their clear mission, they were an attractive investment case for us, and we are delighted with the role of lead investor.”

The journey continues

Since we founded a few years back, our adaptable platform has enabled companies to collect candidate feedback across the entire talent acquisition funnel. The insight companies acquire translates into recommendations to improve the overall recruitment experience based on the candidates’ preferences. As a result, it leads to the recruitment of the most suitable employees—whilst guarding its future in strengthening its brand and employer reputation. has experienced more than 300% growth in the past year, and the platform has already impacted millions of candidates.

We can’t wait to show all of you some of the new cool products that we have been working on the past couple of months. Our journey has literally just started but the seed round makes it possible for us to increase investments in product and growth significantly, which hopefully will make life better for a lot of candidates, recruiters and hiring managers world wide.

- Team Talenthub

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