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Case Highlights

  • Deliveroo established a tailored Talenthub setup with custom variables that match their existing Greenhouse filters. With this, they made reporting easy and collected more actionable data
  • They identified strategic strengths and opportunities by diving into qualitative candidate feedback
  • They implemented candidate-centric SLAs and KPI goals across all markets 
  • As a result, Deliveroo’s Candidate Promoter Score (CPS) sky rocketed and they began attracting more applicants per job opening


Deliveroo In a Nutshell

  • Industry: Food delivery
  • ATS: Greenhouse
  • Employees: ∼3,000
  • Yearly Applicants: ∼ 200,000 
  • Candidates who have at least 1 interview: ∼ 15,000 - 20,000 
  • Operating in: Globally in 10 markets (including Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Qatar, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the United Kingdom)


Quantifiable Results

  • 30% decrease in time in interview process
  • 56% increase in cNPS
  • 15% increase in applications per job opening


“Having a tailored set up of Talenthub insights is something I am very proud of. We’ve got the set up right, got the custom variables right and we are able to actually compare, look at the data and analyze it across different departments, segments, candidate sources… that’s really been a game changer for us in understanding and driving targeted action.”

Ligita Kondrataviciute

Global Candidate Experience Manager at Deliveroo


Deliveroo was born out of love for good food and the craving to enjoy meals from the best local restaurants in the comfort of your own home. Today, Deliveroo is more than just a food delivery service. 

Powered by latest technology and innovation, Deliveroo is a three-sided marketplace, offering fast and reliable delivery encompassing local consumers, restaurants and grocery providers, and riders.

Deliveroo operates across 10 markets, connecting over 160,000 of restaurants and grocery partners, around 150,000 of riders and millions of customers around the world.



The Challenge: What Does It Take to Become Employer of Choice?


“We’re a very metrics-driven company and we could see that there was a very important part missing there for us.”
Ligita Kondrataviciute

Global Candidate Experience Manager at Deliveroo 

Deliveroo set out on a mission to become the first choice employer for every candidate. Driven by technology and innovation, the company aims to establish itself as the leading place to work in the highly competitive tech recruitment market.

In the latter half of 2021, Deliveroo experienced rapid growth in its recruitment efforts. As a result, it was necessary to determine how to attract, hire, and retain valuable talent sustainably and efficiently. 

They established 2 goals:

  • Address and understand their position in the very competitive tech hiring market
  • Strengthen recruitment operations

The Solution: All Aboard the Candidate-Centric Recruitment Train

“We implemented Talenthub at the end of 2021. Throughout early 2022, we really started monitoring feedback trends, getting used to the platform and making it work for us (which was very important). And from Q3 in 2022, we started building action plans and taking action which, actually, very quickly led to improved results and improved CPS and cNPS scores since the start of the collaboration.”

Ligita Kondrataviciute

Global Candidate Experience Manager at Deliveroo

A Tailored Talenthub Setup for Maximized Efficiency

The first priority for Deliveroo's Recruitment Coordination Team when collaborating with Talenthub was to ensure proper setup. 

With the flexibility and native API integration of Talenthub with their existing ATS recruitment flow in Greenhouse, they were able to measure and analyze all the metrics that mattered most to their business.

Encouraging a proper and systematic use of Talenthub made the process seamless: they collected results, analyzed them, and built an action plan that quickly generated results.

Currently, the Deliveroo Recruitment Coordination Team is closely collaborating with their Candidate Experience Manager – Elizabeth Grogan – on building a Talenthub User Playbook. 

With this, they hope to:

  • Integrate the tool even more seamlessly into their recruitment efforts
  • Make candidate insights more accessible to all relevant stakeholders in the organization 
“Having a really good understanding of how the Talenthub platform works and making it work for us allowed us to dive deep into results and present them according to our business structure.”

Ligita Kondrataviciute

Global Candidate Experience Manager at Deliveroo

Doubled Down on Their Strengths to Attract Quality Talent

The candidate attraction-related questions in Talenthub’s survey framework helped Deliveroo identify their competitive advantage as:

  • Company culture
  • Professional development

Knowing this made it possible for the Recruitment Coordination Team to double down their efforts on making those two aspects of the workplace stand out in the recruitment process. They did this by:

  • Establishing a more robust internal mobility framework for existing employees to ensure their road to professional development was as smooth as possible
  • Measuring and comparing against Candidate Experience metrics for internal candidates to make sure they are just as candidate-centric in their approach as they are for external applicants
  • Using the interview process to give candidates the opportunity to experience the dynamic, energetic Deliveroo culture that encourages people to thrive

Turned an Opportunity into a Strength by Minimizing Delays in the Interview Process

The qualitative and quantitative feedback collected through Talenthub was a clear indicator that the interview process was a detractor for Deliveroo’s candidates.

Internally, they identified some areas that were contributing to delays in advancing candidates through the interview process:

  • No standard requirements for the timeline of the interview stages
  • Delays in submitting interview feedback 
  • Interviewer training opportunities

To combat this, improve Candidate Experience and turn the interview process into a competitive advantage, the recruitment team:

  • Identified and implemented SLAs for an ideal interview timeline
  • Established and successfully executed on the interview feedback submission SLA
  • Introduced global interviewer training that is being continuously monitored across locations and departments with Talenthub’s custom variable tracking
“By collecting and presenting feedback with Talenthub, we were able to create the momentum necessary to establish interview SLAs and follow through on them across the organization.”

Ligita Kondrataviciute

Global Candidate Experience Manager at Deliveroo

Enabled a Company Culture Shift Towards a Candidate-Centric Approach

All the changes and improvements in Deliveroo’s talent attraction and hiring efficiency efforts would not have been possible had they not been so diligent about adopting the use of Talenthub.

For Ligita and the rest of the Recruitment Coordination Team at Deliveroo, Candidate Experience is a priority. 

But it wasn’t until they started discussing the data they collected and presenting relevant insights to the rest of the organization that the company’s perspective on Candidate Experience began to shift.

Deliveroo’s Candidate Experience insights collected through Talenthub’s feedback tools serve as the foundation for goal setting for the entire recruitment process. This is because:

  • A deep dive into Candidate Experience insights is presented to the entire Global Recruitment Team on a quarterly basis. This includes insights, strengths and opportunities on a global and departmental level
  • There is a strong focus on building expertise on the proper use of Talenthub as a tool across all recruitment teams: both in terms of the reporting functionalities and best practices
  • The custom filter setup built on top of their Greenhouse integration allows for targeted action and easier trend spotting

Today, Deliveroo has included Candidate Experience metrics in their recruitment goals and KPIs. Among other metrics, they track CPS and cNPS by department and incorporate relevant data into monthly business reviews and the use of Talenthub to do so has become part of their regular dialogue.

Deliveroo’s Recruitment Process is Many Potential Customers’ First Impression of the Company

Like for any customer-facing company, Deliveroo’s reputation as an employer has a huge impact on their potential customer base. 

Negative Candidate Experiences are known to push 42% of candidates to stop using a company's products or services, and 34% to tell their friends and family to do the same. Given this, it's no surprise that Deliveroo is prioritizing great Candidate Experience.

However, Ligita and her team have identified another opportunity here. 

Deliveroo is a fast-growing global company, constantly expanding its services into new markets, cities and regions. 

What is the first step when expanding a business into a new area? Hiring the people to run their operations locally (e.g. riders or local Customer Service Representatives).

In this context, people are likely to be candidates before they become Deliveroo customers. And their first impression of the company will be shaped by the experience they had in the recruitment process. This is a huge opportunity for Deliveroo to establish a strong presence from the get-go.

“I believe that if we get the Candidate Experience wrong, it can have a significantly negative impact on our business. But if we get it right, we can get a lot from that… because we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of applicants that go to our website just because they’re looking to apply for a role.”

Ligita Kondrataviciute

Global Candidate Experience Manager at Deliveroo

2022 Results: Increased Efficiency of Interview Process Means a Higher CPS that Attracts More Candidates

  • Due to strict SLAs and interview feedback protocols, Deliveroo’s time-in-interview-process was reduced by 30% in the space of one year
  • As a result of all their candidate-centric efforts combined, Deliveroo saw a 56% increase in their CPS since the beginning of their Talenthub journey
  • Today, Deliveroo attracts 15% more applications per job opening compared to last year

What’s Next?

Although they have already achieved so much, the Candidate Experience journey is only beginning for Deliveroo. They have big goals for the future, both in terms of recruitment operations and talent attraction, and are excited to continue to collaboration with Talenthub to:

  • Enable smoother collaboration and promote data integrity through the implementation of the Talenthub Hiring Manager Satisfaction module
  • Identify and implement an out-of-the-box solution to their recruitment process that will make Deliveroo stand out as a top employer
  • Further improve candidate communication and transparency by providing global interview training and reassessing the interview structure alongside Talenthub insights
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