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Giving candidates a fair shot & how to unwind + GIFT IDEAS!

We’re bringing you closer to Christmas with this episode’s vibe! If you have free time during your holiday, and if you ever feel like you want to watch, or read something short and sweet, don’t forget this episode of our Tea On Recruiting! We wish you a merry and awesome day!


Merry Christmas! Welcome to the Tea on Recruiting, where we share insightful and thought-provoking content that can help you shape your recruiting career.

It’s that time of the year. You know what I mean… Not exactly what I meant… Have you been naughty or nice? Mmmh, let’s see… Quite good! You’ve behaved, I see. Very well! You’re lucky, you’re nice, because karma takes care of the naughty ones, and karma is a terrible babysitter…

This episode will be slightly different, so bear with me! I think you’ll like it! Before we check out the content I’ve picked for today’s episode, I’ll jump on the emotional Xmas train. Ok, well. I just wanted to say that I’m so proud of you. Recruiting isn’t an easy job. I often bash you and point my finger at every possible recruitment mistake one can make, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t see the good things you’re doing. So keep your chin up, and make me proud, ok? There’ll be no coal for you, this Christmas.

Now, let’s check out our first piece of content of the day…

Why the Best Hire Might Not Have the Best Resume

We watched a TED talk, and found it beautiful and important. In it, Regina Hartley, shares why the best hire might not have the best resume. Yeah, you got that right. As mentioned in ProjectInclude.Org, what truly matters is the distance traveled by your candidates. In fact, whereas an odd resume might make us think of inconsistency, lack of focus, or unpredictability, it could also signal a committed struggle against obstacles. Regina calls these candidates Scrappers. She does it more with affection than with a judgmental tone. In fact, she was a scrapper herself.

Early hardships can lead to what is called Post-Traumatic Growth. When some people have to face almost insurmountable obstacles, they can develop abilities similar to superpowers, in a sense. Many great leaders are who they are not in spite, but because of adversity.

So, if you face two candidates, both qualified, and one of them clearly had it tougher than the other, remember that making a bet on the underdog can be highly rewarding. Also, giving them a fair shot is a well-aligned move with your business’ diversity and inclusion commitment.

Now, onto our second piece of content.

Ways To Relax During The Holidays and Creative Ways To Relax Without Traveling

It’s been a tough year for everyone. And so we thought: why not draft a list of advice for you, to help you unwind during your Christmas break and adopt more sustainable habits? So kick those shoes off, loosen that tie if for some strange reason you’re wearing one, pour yourself that glass of mulled wine (unless it’s morning, then I’d opt for hot cocoa, but hey, I’m not there to stop you) and listen. I’ve done a little research, and these are the pointers I’ve prepared for you:

First things first, Enable your Out of Office message. Spare yourself those 4 AM email notifications, manage the expectations of those who are trying to reach you, and reduce your stress. While you’re at it, why don’t you mute notifications on your work-related apps until you’re back? If you’re like me and your phone vibrates… Good luck not looking at it.

Point number two is lighten your load. Have you made plans to host people during the holidays? Very well. It’s time to share your tasks with your family and friends. Everyone can cook something. Ask some friends to help you set up the table, and some others to help you clean up afterward. Put some music on. It’ll be fun. You don’t believe me? This could be you!

Pointer number three: For once, don’t set an alarm. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of routine. Routine’s great for your mental health, but don’t forget to let your body recharge during your days off, sometimes.

Point number four: Enjoy your breakfast! Make something delicious and take time for yourself. My morning routine? I shower and get dressed, make myself my favorite oatmeal, read one page of the Daily Stoic, and journal. I do this every day. It gives me the calm I need to maximize my focus, which is beneficial for work, too.

Pointer number five: Get out of your house and get some exercise in. If possible, get back to nature. Your health should be at the very top of your priority list all-year-round. Learn how to make time for yourself, and do it every day. Tired? A stroll’s enough. It doesn’t have to be a Herculean feat. Your body will thank you, and maybe you’ll thank me.

Pointer number six: Elevate yourself – your soul needs food, too. Pick up an old hobby – or a book. And why not? Give these days meaning. If you have the energy, help people in need! Be it family members, friends, or strangers. It doesn’t have to be extreme. Sometimes a phone call or a text message to someone who’s lonely can make their day. And it might end up making yours, too.
Also, remember this for when you go back to work. We’re often so busy doing things that we don’t leave any time to think. It’s hard to implement at first, but trust me, it’s worth it. That is, if you have this flexibility or an intelligent boss that you can discuss this with. Many executives take a personal day at home every once in a while. They use it to educate themselves on business matters and devote time to strategic planning.

Pointer number seven: Make time for your loved ones, whether in person or remotely. If you live with someone, why don’t you start having dinner together. Sit at the same table, enjoy homemade food, chat about the day. And when you do spend time with your loved ones, make sure to be in the present moment. Put your phone down. Be intentional.

Eight: Change it up! Yep, I just said I love a good routine, but monotony and boredom are the enemy, and shall be defeated at all costs! You can explore different places and activities. Try baking that vegan chocolate cake you’ve been wanting to try.

Pointer number nine: Obviously, don’t forget to treat yourself, and be mindful!

And now… Last Minute Elf Deeds! Christmas is in just a couple of days but you STILL haven’t figured out what to buy for your dearest colleagues? We got you! Here are some ideas. Spoiler alert: they’re all books. We’ll leave links in the box below so you can purchase them, if that’s what you want.

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing all these authors, and we’ll share the links to our webinars with them below (Interview Atta Tarki, Interview Greg Savage). For now, let’s just say that I’ve read every single one of the books I’ve mentioned… And they’re worth their weight in gold.

The first two are particularly interesting for recruiters like you. Atta Tarki’s Evidence-based recruiting takes a brilliant quantitative approach to the hiring process, and The Savage Truth is a rich collection of anecdotes and lessons learned by Greg Savage.Tali Lavarry’s Confessions from your token black colleague and Jennifer Brown’s How to be an inclusive leader are perhaps particularly interesting for HR professionals, but it is my opinion that anyone could benefit from these two reads. Finally, two books on leadership. Unleashed by Frances Frei helps you understand how brilliant leadership consists in empowering others. Be Different! follows the narrative of Stan Silverman’s fascinating career path. They’re all insightful and pleasurable reads, and if you won’t buy books for anyone else, you might want to be greedy and get yourself one of these.

Ontooo theeeee

CandE Crash

As you know very well, the more barbaric your treatment of candidates, the more demonic their Glassdoor reviews of your company. So, let’s look at our nasty review of the day.

Shoutout to a company we won’t name. Congrats. You’ve won the Most Enthused and Organized Hiring Manager Award of 2020… Don’t your candidates love it when they’re greeted by your annoyed tone? Also, LOVE IT that you had someone wait for half an hour and then you just didn’t show up. Then you have them informed that HR cannot proceed with the interview, and you’ll send someone else. Except you don’t. This poor guy was waiting for Godot for about… an hour.

Got something to say about this? Drop a comment below, we’d love to pick your brains. Help us get better at helping you get better: with your help!

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