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To be more efficient and effective as a company is a constant pursuit. And with performance now quantifiable and data more readily available to analyze every aspect of a job, identifying where performance can improve and actioning change is now increasingly viable. As well as determining the value we put on specific tasks. 

These analytics and metrics now guide everyday working life. And as a consequence, hiring managers have a great deal to contend with. But, with growing importance attached to delivering excellent candidate experience, hiring managers must now factor this in with their recruitment planning. 

So, how can we motivate workers to embrace this new challenge? Alongside the jobs they are already dealing with, now they have a new target to aspire to, adding to pressure and workload.

This article will look at how best to motivate hiring managers to understand the importance of excellent candidate experience for a business. And to create a culture that understands its significance and, through their daily tasks, aspires to provide it. We will address how we can make excellent candidate experience a business priority by:

  • The education of hiring managers on their significance in providing excellent candidate experience
  • Communicating openly about this new approach. Always being there to listen and advise hiring managers, as well as seeing their perspective on things.
  • The establishing of new goals to motivate and inspire hiring managers and recruitment teams alike.
  • Through offering incentives and rewards to those who deliver excellent candidate experience.

So, to make the candidate experience a company-wide priority, to begin with, it is back to school 


Education in the importance of Candidate Experience

Education brings understanding and awareness. Without education, it is impossible to expect individuals to embrace something they may never have heard of before. This is particularly important when motivating hiring managers to create a great candidate experience. Without explanation or reasoning behind this new recruitment focus, how can a company expect buy-in? 

Not just from among hiring managers but also within the recruiting teams. How can one sell the importance of candidate experience with little evidence supporting the need for a change in perspective? Especially when they may already possess a mounting to-do list. 

Educating hiring managers on the significance of candidate experience can highlight how they can help to bring about improvements within the company. First, through explaining the reasoning behind this new company vision relating to candidate experience. 

And how hiring managers and recruiting teams can create positive change regarding brand reputation, talent acquisition and retaining and building new customer connections. Thus, seeing their contribution to a company's fortunes highlights how much their work is appreciated and valued.

So, to help educate your hiring managers so that they are fully aware of the importance of candidate experience and their role in enhancing the company, you should:


Provide training

Offer both your hiring managers and recruitment teams the chance to learn about candidate experience. How to best interact with candidates and why they are doing it. Knowing and understanding help improve performance.

Provide case studies, bring in those with candidate experience at other businesses

Examples of how companies can do it correctly and the mistakes of others. Analyze your candidate experience missteps, not to dishearten employees but to grow.

Learn about the business implications of disenchanted candidates. 

The impact on the company brand and reputation. The effects on revenue, customer retention and loyalty as well as application and job acceptance rate. Stone, cold figures to support the focus on excellent candidate experience and cannot be disputed. 

Regular performance reviews

Not just a "here you go, get on with it" approach, but a constant search for ways to improve and finesse the candidate experience you provide. See how the hiring managers find it, discuss the KPIs, and improve their candidate experience.

Therefore, to motivate hiring managers and ensure universal support for providing excellent candidate experience, education matters. Hiring managers need to see the real-life implications of candidate experience. The negative impacts upon business can be, as well as the positive gains for companies and employees. 

Furthermore, they also need to learn of their importance in making excellent candidate experience a feature of the recruitment process and a part of their brand image and employee reputation. How hiring managers are significant in ensuring candidates seek out jobs within the company and are glad to accept positions they are offered—helping to keep the talent pipeline stacked with exciting potential. The hiring manager's importance cannot be stressed enough. 


Talking and listening, how to assist your hiring managers

A company's hiring managers and recruiting teams are the crucial components in creating an excellent candidate experience. As they are the link between the company and candidates during the micro-experiences of the recruitment process. Therefore, as a company sets out to provide stellar candidate experience, like any new venture, effective communication is needed to help get this new process off the ground.

To communicate effectively with your hiring managers, you should enact an open-door policy or schedule regular meetings for catch-ups. Of course, like any new business operation, there will be early teething issues and setbacks. But in an environment where leaders are approachable and knowledgeable about what they are requesting of their workforce, it can help resolve problems swiftly for hiring managers.

In addition, knowing their bosses support their efforts builds confidence and alleviates concerns over what they are doing. Confidence breeds confidence. And if the hiring managers feel it, their recruitment teams will also do so, increasing commitment and motivation to deliver a great candidate experience.

More frequent lines of communication between hiring managers and their superiors can help the passage of vital information. Everyone is up to date regarding the latest progress, aware of what is still required, understand how the business is performing metrically and whether they are hitting their KPIs. 

Moreover, these scheduled physical or virtual meets can allow for further ideas or questions to be aired. Hiring managers may have questions regarding the new approach, which can be the time to voice them. Unfortunately, 39% of employees do not feel that their input is appreciated. Change this. Discuss any points raised, answer concerns. The hiring managers may have ideas of their own to provide excellent candidate experience and how to achieve it during the recruitment process, making it better suited for candidates.

Encourage an open dialogue between yourselves and the hiring managers. Actively listen to what the hiring managers have to say, appreciate what they come up with, and challenge them with your questions. How can the company deliver an excellent candidate experience? You may learn something new or identify a significant element that could become the foundation of a future strategy. 

This type of engagement builds ownership. It increases the personal investment among the workforce that they are part of the efforts to improve their company. Excellent candidate experience is by their hand, their ideas, and their voice. 


New goals and new skills to master for hiring managers

For the workforce, being faced with the same repetitive tasks daily can lead to frustration and boredom. And a steep decline in motivation. 63% of workers believe they waste time at work not knowing what tasks are a priority or not. This lack of focus can impact individual and corporate performance, affecting job satisfaction and revenues. Therefore, it is essential to galavanize and challenge workers with new targets and new skills to master. 

Faced with new priorities can help to breathe fresh air into the working day for hiring managers. An integral role in a company-wide strategy can offer hiring managers renewed purpose and an opportunity to lead their teams towards achieving set targets and goals. 

This sense of a challenge can be refreshing for the workforce. Empowering and challenging them to deliver. It can help to refocus minds; everyone is on the same page regarding the company's goals. Excite the hiring managers that they have something to work towards and recalibrate the workforce's priorities towards creating a successful and renowned candidate experience. 

The setting of new goals can be the spark for your workforce's motivation. And the challenge of creating an excellent candidate experience can be perfect for driving hiring managers and recruitment teams alike to more outstanding performance.

Rewarding excellent Candidate Experience


Praise and positive enforcement

Everyone relishes being recognized for great performances regardless of the individual, hiring manager or junior recruiter fresh from university. There is nothing like being told 'Great Job' to boost the morale of the workforce. Acknowledgement from higher-ups is significant to employees. 

Especially when trying to introduce a new company-wide approach to candidate experience, hiring managers should know that they are on the right track. Positive messages, supportive words can help to increase motivation. Hearing how they are doing a great job will boost the hiring manager's confidence to deliver an excellent candidate experience. 


Offering incentives to deliver an excellent Candidate Experience

Sometimes, the carrot is a valuable tool to increase motivation. So, finding ways to incentivize and gamify candidate experience can have many positive consequences. 

By encouraging happiness and enthusiasm for tasks, it can improve its perception among the workforce. It is easier to ask someone to add more work to their daily schedule or embrace different working styles if it is something they enjoy. Make the provision of an excellent candidate experience one of those things. 

Furthermore, offering incentives for those who provide the best candidate experience can do wonders for workplace culture. It can help bond hiring managers and recruitment teams, unite them with a common purpose, and use their intellectual and professional level to reach the same end goal. A goal is so much easier to realize when everyone has invested in its achievement. 

In addition, there is nothing like a sense of competition to increase motivation and create a productive environment for candidate experience. Watching someone deliver an excellent candidate experience and then reap the rewards is a powerful way of activating the workforce's interest and hunger to do the same. 

It can contribute to an environment where people are constantly learning and striving to improve the candidate experience they deliver because they see the benefits of doing great work. So, channel the workplace's competitive energy and stand back as they create excellent candidate experience.

Motivated hiring managers, motivated recruiting teams. 

And finally, to achieve excellent candidate experience, everyone needs to be on the same page regarding the strategy to achieve it, and it's worth it for a company. 

Hiring managers who stress the significance of excellent candidate experience will help the recruitment teams grasp its importance. If they can see that their bosses are passionate and value candidate experience, it will become a catalyst for their motivation. As well as comprehending their relevance to the company's mission, everyone can contribute equally and wholeheartedly to excellent candidate experience in everything they do. 


The importance of motivated hiring managers in creating a great Candidate Experience

To get challenging tasks done correctly, everyone needs to be rowing in the same direction.

Everyone needs to support the endeavors and believe that this is the right course of action for themselves and the company. Motivated hiring managers can facilitate the achievement of excellent candidate experience. For them to be promoting the changes to the recruitment process to create a more extraordinary candidate experience, you should:

  • Educate the hiring managers on the significance of candidate experience for the business and why their role is so pivotal.
  • Be open with hiring managers. Talk with them about how the process is going. Employees who feel that their input is appreciated will feel more motivated to perform at their best and ensure the candidate experience provided is fantastic. Furthermore, increased forums of conversation could stimulate the creation of exciting ideas that were previously not considered.
  • Freshening up the workday! Using goals and targets motivates hiring managers and their teams to embrace a new recruiting challenge to sink their teeth.
  • Use incentives to reward the hiring managers and recruiting teams. Build a sense of competition and give them something to aspire to and push forward.

With the right combination of energy, knowledge and skills, excellent candidate experience can be accomplished. Good luck! 

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