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Jysk is an international housing chain that delivers high-quality Scandinavian designs for houses and gardens. They were founded in 1979 by Lars Larsen and today have 28,500 employees across 3,000 stores in 27 countries.


Improve transparency and candidate awareness

Jysk wanted a tool to improve their candidate's journey. For Camilla Ölander, Employee Branding Manager at Jysk, they aimed to make the hiring experience transparent and prepare candidates for each step of the recruitment process. Having already collaborated with Talenthub for candidate feedback, Jysk was in the market for a tool to improve their candidate experience. Consequently, Talenthub suggested that Jysk try their candidate learning portal.


Exceed Candidate Expectations

When candidates apply with Jysk, they have access to a Canididate Portal. The portal provides candidates with:

  • A thank you for their application.
  • A guide to each step of the recruitment process.
  • The candidate receives videos in their native language through tailored content, breaking down the recruitment process and providing clarity and guidance.

The portal ensures applicants have the necessary preparation for their recruitment journey with Jysk. In addition, it offers support with online assessments and tips on conducting excellent video and job interviews to set candidates up for success.The personalized guide to the recruitment process establishes a closer connection between Jysk and its candidates.

As a consequence of the videos, candidates can learn more about Jysk than just a standard company presentation. Camilla and Jysk know that they have great things to offer candidates. When they can create a more personalized candidate experience, they can exceed the candidates' expectations of the recruitment journey and highlight the type of company they are, their ambitions, and the positives working for Jysk can bring.


A modern and caring recruitment experience

Jysk understands the importance of being a market leader in candidate experience. So, having collaborated with Talenthub to build a platform capable of delivering a personal candidate experience, Jysk has rolled it out in 24 countries thus far.

For many, the recruitment process is a very stressful situation. So, when Jysk can help their candidates by establishing expectations, supporting their preparation and increasing the opportunity to perform. In that case, Jysk can extract the most out of its hiring pool and improve the company's hiring quality. Thus, making it a win-win situation.

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