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On COVID’s impact on Recruiting & Robot teachers!?

Below is the thirteenth episode of The Tea on Recruiting, where we talk about recruiting post-COVID and robot training. We hope you find it interesting!


Hi, buddy. Today we’ll talk about how COVID is and will be affecting hiring in 2021, and about whether robots can take over your employees’ learning. Robot teachers, dancing. Dancing robots, space disco, baby, here we go! No? My dancing sucks?! How rude… Ok ok ok, let’s get back to business before you say something else you might regret. Welcome back to the Tea on Recruiting, where we share insightful and thought-provoking content that can help you shape your…recruiting career!

Let’s check out the first article I picked.

Can Robots Train Your Employees?

We read Christina Pavlou’s CloudAwards piece “Can Robots Train Your Employees?”. Well – can they? Sorta. The article’s bottom line is, tech cannot replace the human mind. As Christina writes it:

  • Humans make decisions. AI might tell you what is happening during training, but to understand why it’s happening and how to move on next, you need human intelligence.
  • Humans have business acumen. We can predict changes in the industry, analyze our specific business needs, and recommend the best learning paths for them.
  • Humans can lead change. We feel, and, therefore, we can more easily persuade others.

So, stop worrying about whether technology will replace humans – it’s time to start planning the new roles that training professionals will have.

Now, let’s check out the second piece of content for this episode!

How will COVID affect hiring in 2021?

Well, COVID started populating our nightmares in 2020 and it might have made Scary Terry look like a sweet guy, but it’s definitely having an impact on us in 2021 too. We read Skillate’s “How will COVID affect hiring in 2021?” and this is what we learned.

So, first of all, there are three major consequences to the pandemic. We know them:

  • Economic downturns
  • The inability of people to travel like before…. Not that kind of travel, silly – This kind: … But I digress…
  • The need for social distancing and self-isolation

But if these are more generic consequences to the virus, how does it specifically impact recruiting?

  • There’s more need for remote staff. And your new hires will need to have excellent computer skills.
  • There’s a major use of freelancers. Some ideas of places where to find some? Flexjobs, Upwork, Fiverr, and, for starters.
  • You depend more on LinkedIn than you ever did before. LinkedIn claims that, all around the world, one person gets hired every 10 seconds thanks to their professional networking platform. They also state that 57% of people haven’t visited the top job boards recently and that 9/10 members are interested in hearing new opportunities.
  • Video conferencing has temporarily replaced in-person interviews. This increases the potential for wrong hires, claims the article. For instance, it’s harder to detect lies when you can’t observe someone’s body language.
  • More hires in customer care. Experienced hires, to be exact. And if you’re looking for specialists in this area, a couple of websites to check out are, customerservicecrossing, and successjobs.

Ontooo theeeee

CandE Crash

The more barbaric your treatment of candidates, the more demonic their reviews on your Glassdoor page!

Shoutout to a company I won’t name. Do you know what’s unattractive? Behaving in a way that has your candidates call you “condescending, rude, and nasty”. It spoiled the work of the other interviewers who were polite. And that’s too bad!

Got something to say about this? Drop a comment below, we’d love to pick your brains. Help us get better at helping you get better: with your help!

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