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On getting through to your Gen Z workers & stay interviews

This is sadly the final episode of The Tea on Recruiting. In this episode, we’ll talk about how to get through to your struggling Gen Z workers, and how stay interviews should be an ongoing routine to keep your employees engaged. Enjoy!

It’s hard to say goodbye to The Tea on Recruiting series – it’s been a long and great journey. We’d like to thank YOU all for your support. Stay tuned! We have very exciting plans for the future!


Hey, there. Today, we’ll help you get through to your struggling Gen Z workers, and we’re going to talk about stay interviews, but we also have a very, very, very, very special announcement to make. So please watch until the very end.

Welcome back to The Tea on Recruiting, where we share insightful and thought-provoking content that can help you shape your recruiting career. Are you ready? Let’s check out the first piece of content we picked.

Your Gen Z workers are in distress: here’s how you can help them

Gen Z is struggling and we read an article that can help you get through to your Zoomer workers.

  • First off, remote work survival skills. Explore ongoing mentoring by colleagues other than the manager. You want to help your Gen Z workers develop essential skills for remote work, such as self-management and resilience.
  • Combat… digital exhaustion. In-person occasions enable us to experiment with our ideas and share what we’re working on. Gen Z professionals need your attention, focus, inputs, mentoring. They need human interaction.
  • Dig deeper into the employee experience. We need to rethink the Zoomer employee experience to unleash their creativity and to strengthen their connections.
  • Provide them with the resources they need to build a learning community. Ask deep questions to get authentic feedback and conduct stay interviews.
  • Build trust and capability. Reverse mentoring allows Zoomers to share their unique skills and experience, which are very precious but often untapped resource. Give them the opportunity to lead meetings, important conversations and cultural and team building activities.

And now onto our second piece of content.

Stay interviews are powerful – here’s how they can help you

With the great resignation, stay interviews are being rediscovered and they’re here to stay.

First of all, you’ll want to opt for an informal setting. Ask things like, do you still like working here? Could you talk about the elements of the experience that you’ve liked so far? Or, what’s your workload? Do you feel like the company values your contributions? And watch out for red flags! If an employee discloses mistreatment from a manager, you’ll want to probe further delicately and make sure that they know that the company has their back.

Kate Grimaldi, the Senior Director of enterprise talent strategy at Palo City, usually asks “Are you comfortable with me addressing that with that leader or that leader’s leader and then provide an actual follow-up?” Naturally, you will want to invest in your report with your colleagues before jumping straight into stay interviews. They’re only going to share things with you if they feel like there’s trust.

Try not to plan stay interviews too much, or else it’s going to feel like you’re ticking a box. So prioritize them when you feel like there’s a need for them. For instance, if you hear that someone is unhappy about their job, what are your thoughts about this?

And now onto the CandE Crash.

CandE Crash

The more barbaric your treatment of candidates, the more demonic their LinkedIn posts about you. But are they wrong? This post is for IT recruiters, watch out!

“Dear IT recruiters, I decided to inform you that I don’t want to be your next superstar or rock-star. Also, I’m not a ninja of any sorts or of any technology. Actually, ninjas used to blend in, to steal secrets and to kill for hire. So for me, it looks quite scary if you need one on your team. I cannot kill anyone with SpringBoot app, at least intentionally. No, I don’t want to be a part of the “Company XYZ family”. I got my own family, which I love with my whole heart. But even this lovely family sometimes kind of makes me go amok. So I don’t need an additional one with a bunch of grown-ups who I cannot ground for inappropriate behavior, or temporarily disable their credit card for leaving a clutter after themselves.

I am not dreaming about working with a team of superstars or superheroes. Somehow, I prefer a skill of writing meaningful git commit comments over the ability to produce tons of code overnight or finding bugs in code with X-ray vision (though X-ray vision is cool). What I am really interested in is to work with a team of grown-ups, responsible adults who are able to put their ego a bit besides for the team’s interest, and together move towards a common goal. Oh wait, I’m already working in such team, so good luck with your search of your company’s next rock-super-ninja-star.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! For someone who isn’t a ninja, they sure knew how to slice you up.

Big Announcement

Are you ready for our big announcement? Now there’s something very important that we need to share. See, Berta and I, the creative duo you’ve come to love and trust are actually going on a new adventure. And so I’m afraid that this is going to be the last episode of The Tea on Recruiting.

This project has been a dream for us, and I’ll forever be grateful to Starred for giving me and Berta Kormàny, the editing genius who put a magical touch in these episodes, a chance to create it and work on it. But do you know what we appreciated most? YOU. Your kind comments and your amazing messages. It was beautiful to read how our episodes would entertain you, teach you things and inspire you to grow in your career.

Want to say goodbye? Then you’re more than welcome to reach out to us. Let’s connect. Send us a message!

Here’s to you Tea On Recruiting people: Thank you for watching the show. Take care and see you around!

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