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A company without customers cannot exist. Therefore, it is somewhat strange that many organizations choose to prioritize other things over collecting customer feedback even though they all claim that they put the customer first. After all, isn’t constructive, hot-off-the-press criticism the only way into the customers' mind?

When it comes to getting customer feedback, we often see panic-driven decisions. Companies only tend to prioritize it when it’s, well, kind of late. Our advice? Don’t wait until it’s really urgent. Ensure that it never gets urgent. Prevention is better than cure.

Getting Client Feedback: an Urgent Issue.

You and you alone are responsible for the growth of your company. Many organizations invest in their sales and marketing people, placing great focus on acquisition which is fine, because winning new customers is an important engine of growth. But don’t forget about your existing customers. Although they provide relatively easy opportunities for financial growth, most organizations tend to neglect them as a result of their ever-gnawing desire for expansion. What they don’t realize is that existing customers can be the key to running a flourishing business. Because happy customers are loyal and stay with you in the long term. Not to mention the fact that they often spend more, recommend you everywhere, and are just very fun to work with!
After all, a research from the Harvard Business Review already proved that just the act of asking them for feedback makes customers less likely to churn and increases their chances of coming back for more back in 2002.

Repair the roof when the sun is shining.

When talking to prospects, we usually encounter a great interest in conducting customer satisfaction surveys. Companies see the benefits but lack the drive to prioritize them. So we ask them, Why aren’t you aware of your customers’ opinions all the time? Knowing what makes them stay or leave will allow you to develop customer loyalty. These types of insights can make you grow from the inside, providing a solid foundation for expansion based on your reliable, current customer base. To put it briefly, getting customer feedback should always be a priority; especially when things are going well for you.
As they say, repair the roof when the sun is shining. So when the rain comes pouring down, you and your customer base will be safe and dry.

Capitalize on the moment: be relevant and swift.

Another reason why the collection of customer feedback shouldn’t be dallied off is that you need to seize the moment. Relevance is key, which means you should ask the right questions at the right time. Don’t randomly ask a customer what they think of your products and services; ask them when they can still remember it. Be swift; give them the opportunity to provide you with feedback when their purchase or last contact with your customer service department is still fresh in their minds. Also, ensure that the questions you ask are tailored to the type of contact your customers have had with you. For example, don’t ask them to review a product when all they’ve done is talk to a sales representative. The more relevant your question(s), the more useful the feedback you’ll receive!
For inspiration, you can read our piece How to Get the Highest Response Rates for Your Feedback.

Interested in the opportunities for growth arising from early-stage customer feedback? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss your wishes.

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