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I wanted to take a second and share some very exciting news with you all: I'm proud to say that the largest players (and – until now – competitors) within Candidate Experience, Starred and Talenthub, are joining forces to create the global market leader within candidate centric recruitment

Given today’s reality of budget cuts in tech and a tight labor market where qualified workers are scarce and job openings plentiful, many recruitment professionals are prioritizing an efficient and candidate-centric recruitment strategy. 

As a result, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that hiring the right talent requires playing by the candidates’ rules. Unhappy candidates are 62% less likely to accept a job offer, which is one of the many reasons why some of the biggest organizations across the globe have been partnering with Candidate Experience Analytics providers, such as Starred and Talenthub, to improve the way they attract, hire and retain the world’s best talent.

A Recruitment Match Made in Heaven

A merger of two key players on the Candidate Experience HR Tech scene is a game changer for the industry. By combining the wealth of their benchmark data, expertise and innovative product portfolios, our joint company can solidify it's position as an industry leader. Together, we seek to continue revolutionizing the way companies and candidates experience recruitment across the globe. 

Daniel Birkholm, CEO of Talenthub is becoming the new CEO of the merged entities, while I will take on the role of COO. The company will continue to operate from our respective offices in Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Both companies were born during the 2010s, leveraging a growing need for recruitment teams to attract, hire, and retain valuable talent by providing excellent Candidate Experience.

Together, our candidate feedback platform will reach 10M+ candidates every year, encompassing over 10M yearly survey replies, and providing 200+ organizations with insights to improve Candidate Experience and make data-driven decisions to strengthen their recruitment.

When I recently spoke to some journalists, I summed up how I felt about the situation:

This is truly a merger of equals. When Daniel and I first met in Amsterdam, we found that we were both holding half of the pieces of the winning puzzle. We realized that we could go further together than either one of us could on our own.

Besides strengthening our position as the leader in Candidate Experience solutions, the merger facilitates:

  • Access to the world’s richest benchmark data, compiling both companies’ extensive datasets
  • Increased availability of resources
  • Accelerated development of candidate-centric solutions 

I think Daniel also made a great point when he said:

By joining forces and becoming a larger organization, we are leveraging each other’s strengths and opening up the possibility to provide our customers with the best of both worlds. Together, we can provide a wider range of services and strengthen our existing offering.

Looking Forward

The vision for the united company is to take the learnings from both platforms and combine into a joint solution suite with the same mission: to make the experience of hiring and getting hired more enjoyable. The newly joint company will announce more about their solution later this year.

If you're curious to read more about the merger and its implications for customers, partners and candidates, then check out our FAQ, which is available below:

If you'd just like a quick summary of who Talenthub is, here you go:

Talenthub was established in 2017 by Daniel Birkholm, as a spin-off of Denmark's biggest recruitment marketing agency. From the beginning, Talenthub’s mission has been to create the world’s best recruitment hub and improve the hiring experience for both candidates and companies. 

Today, Talenthub is a leading platform for candidate-centric recruitment, offering a suite of products that help candidates land their dream job, as well as providing advanced Candidate Experience analytics and insights for companies who aim to attract the world’s best talent.

Talenthub has grown to become a recognized platform with a global footprint, serving customers such as JustEat Takeaway, JYSK, Unity, Volvo, Pandora and many more. They continue to ensure candidates are always met with the best possible Candidate Experience, all the while equipping companies with the necessary insights to make data-driven decisions within their recruitment strategy.

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