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Almost nine months ago the Integrations Team at Starred set out on an ambitious goal to develop Starred Connect, our integration hub that would connect external systems like Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms connect seamlessly to Starred. The strategy to develop this part of our platform was to directly support one of our product values:

More specifically to Automate the Process by connecting to systems that our customers already utilized in their day-to-day business. The value of this connection to feedback is a seamless integration where customer data is housed in one place and triggers can be configured so Starred can execute automatically and in real–time. Automation of feedback ensures your capture the Voice of the Customer, at the right place at the right time.

At a ten thousand foot level the process looks simple, but when you take a look at the details, you’ll understand that the functionality is quite complex. Our challenge was to take that complexity and make it easy for anyone to use.

The magic of Starred Connect is under the hood, so to speak, with the entire integration platform as a service (iPaaS) built seamlessly to work with the already existing user experience. We wanted to unleash the power of integrations from the development side to the business side. Now all our day-to-day Starred customers can easily set–up a completely automated feedback loop that works 24/7 and 365 days a year without any human intervention. We created Starred Connect to be as simple three steps:

  1. Connect Application
  2. Select Workflow Template/Create Workflow
  3. Enable Integration

Once enabled, the integration seamlessly works in the background based with your business logic to collect feedback which in turn provides a continuous pulse of customer, candidate or employee sentiment and opportunities to improve. Combine this continuous feedback data with Starred’s other built-in features like Automatic Firefight Notifications, Dashboards, and the Priority Matrix and there is a competitive advantage to teams working to improve the Candidate Experience, Employee Engagement or Customer Satisfaction.

The ultimate benefit of Starred Connect is the time it will save you to focus on your business and customers. If your application is available as part of our initial integration offering, then you are no longer bound to uploading customer data via CSV or Excel file uploads and then manually setting up your invitations. The result being decreased possibilities for errors and increased productivity and feedback opportunities. But more importantly we are providing the technical infrastructure to modernise the feedback experience and to make real-time insight into a competitive advantage.

We really believe integrating Starred into the systems you already work with is a natural extension for providing you and your respondents with a high quality feedback experience. Our goal is to continue to add value to our customers by building out more integration possibilities and simplifying them even more with pre-made workflows that fit into existing customer and business logic.

At Starred, our goal is to make the best technology in the world to Create, Distribute and Analyze feedback. We are proud that Starred Connect will be a cornerstone feature of our Distribute offering and will drive our mission to make feedback better for everyone.

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