Customer reviews are booming. However, promoting products and services mouth-to-mouth is not new or trending: it has been the way of promoting for ages, and for a reason!

A research performed in the US (2007) shows that on average, consumers talk about the products they buy and their features about 120 times a week.

Nielsen’s report Global Trust in Advertising shows the great value of reviews: they are trusted by customers!

However, the biggest disadvantage of reviews is that marketers know about the trust consumers put in reviews and misuse this trust to their advantage. Nowadays, getting a positive review has become a way of boosting sales instead of an instrument to improve your service to customers.

And that’s ok, when boosting sales is your key focus instead of improving your business: it’s just a different goal.

We found an example of a company that offered a 10-euro coupon when customers e-mailed their 5-star review (the best possible review) to the company. Do you still think reviews are totally trustworthy? Now, it might not come as a surprise that almost 30% of all online reviews are fake...

Customer feedback

Every company benefits from customer feedback. Often, a customer satisfaction survey is used for internal purposes. It serves as input on what to focus on when improving the business. There’s no hidden agenda on boosting sales through positive feedback or using the feedback for marketing purposes. The score itself is not the end result, it’s merely the starting point to improve your service. The fact that it’s only used for these internal purposes, may lower the threshold for customers to be fair and open in their feedback. In contrast to customer reviews, feedback forms allow you to personalize and align your questions with your specific company interests and needs.

Customer feedback and Reviews: The best of both worlds.

Hopefully, this blog has clarified the difference between customer feedback and reviews. Because of the different characters, feedback and reviews can complement each other though, when applied correctly. For example, the company Coolblue uses the best of both worlds. When positive reviews help you to boost your sales, you might as well control the customer reviews, right? And that’s what Coolblue does:

  • They ask customers for feedback, for internal use only;
  • When a customer sends the feedback to the company, a thank you page occurs, tailored for the positive feedback;
  • In this special thanks, they ask the customer to write a review on a review platform, that helps them spread the word on Coolblue;
  • By tailoring the Thank You page, the request to write a review is only filed with the positive customers.

Obviously, Coolblue has an extremely positive review score!

This way of working allows Coolblue to improve their business based on customer feedback and receive positive reviews at the same time: the best of both worlds!

Putting the best of both worlds into Starred-practice. At Starred, we offer you two ways to invite your promoters to help you:

The Thank You page The amended thank you page allows you to write a special thank you for your promoters, and ask them to write a review. Just like Coolblue does. In addition, a special thanks for your Detractors allows you to immediately make up for the negative experience a customer has had.

Download your promoters or detractors You can also decide to approach your promoters and/or detractors at another time. The Starred dashboard allows you to download the responses of your promoters and detractors. This way, you can really dive into the responses and think of an appropriate (individual) follow-up for your customers.

Conclusion In this blog, I’ve explained the different worlds of customer feedback and reviews. Luckily, these two worlds are easy to combine and can even complement each other! When used together, you can both improve your customer satisfaction and increase your sales.

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