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In this article, we'll help Greenhouse users like you understand how to measure and analyze DEI with Starred's feedback solution. But first, let's quickly mention why this should interest you, to begin with. We'll then talk about who can use Starred to measure DEI, and more specifically your EEOC data, and wrap it up by telling you how it's done.

Why should I measure DEI?

Employing diverse talent starts with your hiring efforts. That’s why having an inclusive recruiting process is a key element for every business. DEI practices are so important that more than 75% of executives believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are a rising priority. 

Who should measure it with Starred?

If you're a Greenhouse user with EEOC questions enabled with data collection and analysis, we're here to help you.

We’ll provide you with insights as to how inclusive your candidates from certain demographics and underrepresented groups felt that your hiring process was. 

Would you like to have more in-depth knowledge on the matter? You can watch a demo of our D&I dashboard.
It was presented by Starred’s Account Executive Mohamed Ibrahim during a Starred x Greenhouse webinar. You can watch it below.

How to measure DEI:

Starred is a Candidate Experience measurement and analytics solution. More specifically, we are Greenhouse’s Customer-Preferred Partner for collecting automated Candidate and Hiring Manager feedback

If you're wondering about how to measure DEI, for starters you should connect Starred with your Greenhouse. This enables you to send out customized surveys to your candidates and hiring managers automatically and at any stage of the recruitment process. 

We translate the incoming feedback into actionable results that you can apply immediately to improve. Your data will be segmented on levels such as recruiter, hiring manager, department, job role, country, and many more. 

We work with leading Greenhouse users such as Robinhood, Elastic, Pure Storage and

We’ve taken it up a notch by allowing our users to get Candidate Experience insights on the EEOC data they collect with Greenhouse. The Starred dashboards allow you to filter on the demographics and underrepresented groups you defined. We relate Candidate NPS (cNPS) scores to the EEOC data filters.

To protect the privacy of your candidates, the visualization is in aggregate and anonymous, so EEOC data of an individual will never be visible. Want to have a look yourself? You can click here to see how a dashboard could look like

Looks overwhelming? Don’t worry, our Customer Success team will guide you through setting up your dashboards and also help interpret the results. 

Are you a Greenhouse user in the United States that values a diverse and inclusive workforce? Schedule a call with our team here and we’ll show you how we help industry leaders on Greenhouse understand how inclusive their candidate experience is.

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