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On sourcing on Clubhouse & unbiasing performance feedback

Episode thirty two of The Tea On Recruiting will blow a new wind to your recruiting and hiring career: everything you need to know about sourcing on Clubhouse, and how to manage performance feedback. We hope you enjoy the video below as well as its transcript!


Hi there! Today, we’ll talk about how not to mess up feedback & how to source on CLUBHOUSE!

Welcome back to the Tea on Recruiting, where we share insightful and thought-provoking content that can help you shape your recruiting career! Here’s today’s first piece of content!

Sourcing on Clubhouse

We read “Sourcing on Clubhouse: Everything You Need to Know”. So, what’s there to know about sourcing on the invitation-only social network that’s taking the world by storm?

  • Finding candidates is easy.
  • You can use it to find motivated professionals.
  • You should use it to raise brand awareness! Participate in conversations and share examples about your company.
  • You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to create virtual job fairs using the app! You can answer questions, talk about the business and its open positions…

Here are some pointers:

  • If you encounter a potential candidate, connect with these people on other social media, as Clubhouse won’t let you send them DMs.
  • Remember to use a professional-looking photo.
  • The first 2 lines of your bio should be a short pitch (e.g. your role and the name of your company).
  • Below that in your bio you then want to say what the company does.
  • And: Wrap it up with your contact information + a link to your website (if you shorten it with you can track it).

Looking for interesting profiles? Google this: site:operator + keyword… so “CTO”, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Looking for upcoming events? date keyword

Et voila! And now, are you ready for our second article?

Biased performance feedback

Your Performance Feedback is Probably Biased and an article we read says What you Can Do About It. Feedback is often poorly handled and it can even be biased… Especially when it comes to recipients with marginalized identities. How to solve this issue?

  • Create a culture of feedback based on a growth mindset. Give it early and often and create both formal and informal opportunities to learn and grow from one another through it.
  • Don’t make assumptions. Just ask your direct when and how they’d like to receive it. Verbal on the spot? Written and well-thought out?
  • Focus on the future, not just the here and now.
  • Prep clear, actionable and future feedback in advance.
  • Review or audit feedback and performance reviews.

Now onto the…

CandE Crash

The more barbaric your treatment of candidates, the more demonic their Glassdoor reviews on your company page.

Shoutout to a company we won’t name. Let’s see what they wrote about you:

“What a joke, tells me they love my CV got loads of relevant management experience (none in furniture). Had me drive all the way to Bristol from Torbay 180mile round trip only to reject me because I don’t have any experience in furniture.”

Admit it, you wanted this candidate to say that “I would walk 500 miles and then I’d walk 500 more just to be the candidate rejected for no experience with furniture”.

Got something to say about this? Drop a comment below, we’d love to pick your brains. Help us get better at helping you get better: with your help!

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