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In this article, we'll briefly explore the characteristics of the members of Generation Z, what they care for, and share our knowledge to make sure that you know what to focus on when recruiting and retaining 'Zoomers'.

We'll soon be diving into what you should know before recruiting Generation Z, but we thought we'd start with a brief introduction to who they are.

To put it in the most practical way, Generation Z includes people born between 1996 and 2012. This makes the oldest Zoomers 25 years old: if you haven't started recruiting them, you're probably about to. As Generation Z talent is graduating in a candidates' market, it's extremely important to be competitive in delivering Candidate Experience.
Zoomers are different from Millennials, so you'll need to make some adjustments to your hiring practices in order to satisfy this fresh, new talent.

Recruiting & Retaining Generation Z: Their Wants and Needs

Here are a few things you should focus on or offer to successfully recruit and retain Generation Z. May this list function as a guiding light as you optimize your hiring process. 

1. Long-term Growth 

Generation Z has entered the job market just recently, and they're eager to learn. Zoomers don't shy out of working as freelancers. In fact, that's something that 46% of them do. Financial stability, career growth opportunities, and recruitment plans are foreign elements to a potential freelance career; for the same reason, they're good to leverage when recruiting Generation Z talent.

2. Embrace Tech, But Keep It Human

When trying to understand how to succeed at recruiting Generation Z, we need to remember that technology has defined their lives. They are always ahead of the curve with new development.

26% of Generation Z talent said that a lack of tech throughout the hiring process would make them reconsider working with a company completely. This also translates into the expectation of a seamless mobile experience. In fact, 46% of Generation Z talent applies via mobile.

Your brand should have a tech-savvy persona. This change is possible by having sufficient tech integrations at the workplace and throughout the workflow. Keeping your work up-to-date with the latest software and tech is also critical. Especially in a tech-facing job, Gen Z is often looking to work on the latest tools.  

While you should focus on technology, you shouldn't lose your human touch, especially when it comes to communication. Here's a notable piece of information: 51% of Generation Z talent prefer in-person communication, whereas 25% prefer to communicate digitally.

3. Create a Strong Employer Brand 

Gone are the days when a stock price alone could drive talent to your workplace. This generation is looking to place their name against a company that is a brand in itself.

Now, you might be surprised to read this, but whereas having an online presence on platforms like Linkedin is important, and it's vital to have a tone of voice that resonates with Zoomers, only 14% of Gen Z candidates look at social media while researching a company.

What they focus on is your website. 83% of Generation Z talent explore it while digging for information on your business. Another fundamental platform for you to cultivate is your Glassdoor page, which 55% of Zoomers consult. This means that delivering great Candidate Experience is more vital now than ever - poor reviews would see your reputation take a horrible hit.

Your online content strategy must cater to both Generation Z and Millennials. Both are avid followers of social media trends, and this culture can create a significant shift in company persona. Using memes or short video content can have you perceived as more approachable.

Having a current employee bragging about your office culture online, seeing fun campaigns, or collaborating with popular names are excellent ways to entice the younger minds.  

4. Provide Appropriate Incentives 

Zoomers are spoiled for choice; the gig market that's liberated them from the obligation to a nine-to-five job has set various aspirations for Generation Z talent. They look for perks like financial plans, healthcare, performance bonus, sick leaves, vacations, and much more. They're drawn to companies that provide remote work, flexible hours, upskilling opportunities, and stock options.  

5. Encourage Work-life Balance 

This might be one of the most critical parameters when it comes to recruiting and retaining Generation Z talent. Just like Millennials, Zoomers believe that all work and no play does, in fact, make Jack a dull boy. They're further motivated to meet deadlines when they have the incentive of their personal time. Compared to the time-based approach, a goal-based approach to the workplace will surely make your company more Gen Z friendly. 

Recruiting Generation Z: Let's Prioritize 

We wanted to wrap up this article with a list of what Generation Z talent prioritizes when considering interviewing for a company, other than their interest in that specific position. Let's see what Zoomers said.  

56% pointed to a company’s mission and values;
43% mentioned advertised professional development opportunities;
41% referred to advertised company culture;
40% talked about an ideal location;
38% said they care for a recognizable name;
16% mentioned that they were attracted to the advertised salary;
14% liked the  advertised social impact initiatives;
7% cared for nothing besides the specific position.

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