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Are you a Bullhorn user, wondering if you should opt for Bullhorn or Starred when it comes to your feedback solution?
We will compare both services in detailed bullet points below.

We all know our partner Bullhorn as the leading ATS for the staffing industry.
However, that’s not all there is to it - in fact, Bullhorn also offers a built-in experience survey solution.
Starred, instead, is specialized in feedback. Unlike Bullhorn, since this area is our business focus, we rely much more on integrations and automation - you will need to work less, in order to get actionable insight.

What are, then, the differences between our two offers? 
We will present the features of the two solutions below, for you to compare.

Bullhorn's Feedback Solution:

  • Bullhorn offers what is purely an NPS solution. You get to ask one question, which stays identical whether it gets delivered to your candidates or your hiring managers.
  • You can change the question’s wording and the message, and the NPS always presents a comment section.
    You can also select a subject and pick a sender. For the latter, you can use your own name or pick a different sender. You are allowed to choose an email to which the respondents can reply.
  • In terms of graphics’ personalization, you can only add your logo. The rest of the visuals are pre-set.
  • Bullhorn’s surveys are relational: it’s up to you to establish when to send a survey to your recipients for the first time, then the same survey can be repeated over time at pre-set, regular intervals. 
  • You need to manually enroll every single contact you want to send the survey to, one by one.
  • If Bullhorn gathers enough historical data over time (opening rates, and so forth), it can define and select the perfect survey delivery time and day of the week per user. If it doesn’t yet have access to that information, then the message gets delivered the following morning at 10 (EST), wherever your recipient may be.
  • Bullhorn’s survey tool is offered as a free feature exclusive for premium licenses: enterprise and corporate segments.
  • Corporate users (lower-end segment for this feature) do not get any dashboarding: they visualize data in lists of responses, complete of scores and comments.
  • Enterprise users (higher-end segments for this feature) get some basic dashboarding: the dashboarding card.
  • Your scores read back to Bullhorn.


  • Starred has, first and foremost, the advantage of offering high flexibility and depth of insight. This means that, if Bullhorn’s integrated solution is solely focusing on NPS, Starred tries to explain your Net Promoter Score through its driving elements. Therefore, with Starred you can send NPS surveys and various other types, too.
  • Starred helps you set up your feedback process based on which touch-points interest you, which questions you want to ask your respondents, and which insights you desire.
  • You can personalize the wording of the feedback form, and the NPS question always has a comment section. We also allow you to write an invitation with a personalized subject, and in which you can add tags, both for company, and function names, other than customer fields. It is possible to use your own name or pick a different sender, and you can pick an email the respondents can reply to.
  • From a visual perspective, we allow personalization, including the choice of logo and background image. Furthermore, it is possible to change the sender’s image and decide whether to showcase one question per page or all questions on the same one.
  • Whereas we can send relational surveys, just like Bullhorn, our surveys can be transactional, too.
    When creating relational surveys, you decide when they are sent and to whom - the process is not automated the first time.
    When transactional, instead, the surveys you send your candidates and clients are activated by a relevant touch-point they encounter or action they take. These events that are recorded by Bullhorn or your other integrated ATS, trigger surveys that are therefore delivered within a clearer context. 
  • For example, you could send an automatic survey to all candidates who passed the first round of interviews, and it would be worded differently from the one triggered by not passing that same round. 
  • There are many ways to select your recipients manually. The recipients can be added one by one, by uploading a CSV or Excel file, or you can send the survey to yourself to test it.
  • However, preferably, you’ve integrated Starred with Bullhorn and invitations for feedback get sent out automatically when a status of someone (a candidate) changes in your ATS, like a placement.
  • As for the time of the delivery, Starred allows you to either activate the surveys based on the actions or touch-points the respondents face, which is transactional, or select a specific time and date for them to be delivered, which is relational.
  • It is possible for you to utilize our conditional "Thank you" pages.
    We allow you to prepare three different thank you pages: the respondent will get a different, personalized version, whether he is a detractor, passive or promoter.
    This has its perks. For example, if the respondent was a promoter, you could add a button asking him to leave you a review on Glassdoor.
  • Starred is available to any company that can reasonably afford us. We also offer a 14-day-long free trial. 
  • Starred showcases data through sensible dash-boarding. Other than the basics, you also have extra elements, such as the Recruitment Matrix, ranking your recruiters on the basis of their Candidate Net Promoter Score and pre-set metrics of your choice.
  • If you wish so, you can receive our Firefight Email alerts whenever you receive a low score for your NPS rating. This way, you will know in real time when someone is dissatisfied with your performance.
    If your form isn't set on "anonymous", you will be able to know who the disappointed respondent is, which will give you the chance to reach out.
  • Your scores read back to Bullhorn - in fact, they read back to whichever ATS or CRM you have integrated with our solution.


As we have seen, the two solutions have different approaches and different prices, too. Unlike Bullhorn’s feedback solution, Starred is not for free, yet provides more layers in its feedback gathering and analysis.
Starred focuses on NPS+: we don’t stop at Net Promoter Score, but analyze its drivers, too. Therefore, it shows correlations and actionable insight. It does so fast, too, and provides you with real-time analytics and clear, exhaustive dashboards. 
Furthermore, Starred feedback forms can be transactional, triggered by a status change in Bullhorn, or relational, issued at your will, and being sent again at a pre-set, fixed cadence - Bullhorn’s are exclusively relational.
If you’re looking for a complete feedback solution, Starred is your preferred option. However, were you a corporate or enterprise client of Bullhorn, wanting to approach feedback gathering and analysis by exploring and making first steps in measuring, Bullhorn’s feedback solution would be a good starting point. If feedback became a key part of your strategy and you desired more exhaustive tools, then you could always utilize Starred at a later stage - and it's so easy, too, since Starred integrates with your Bullhorn ATS.

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