What’s in an email? A lot actually.

As the primary channel that our clients use to reach respondents, it’s an important part of our business. The reason I’m talking about email is because when we looked at the journey with feedback, there is a direct impact as to the look and feel correlating to a successful response. In my previous blog on Starred’s product strategy, I outlined that two of our major themes of focus are showing value right away, and creating an intuitive user experience.

So we decided to take that challenge to something as simple as an email. We researched best practices, formats and structure to come up with a design that we believed was an upgrade over our current format. But as we are in the feedback business, we didn’t rely on just our intuition, we put this new format to work with an A/B test. And the results showed:

Our intuition was validated as we saw a 16.5% higher click rate when compared to the previous email design. What this means for you is that your already high response  rate should theoretically see an uplift with the new design. A higher response rate obviously provides you with more valuable data to improve your products and services. In addition, we saw a 67% drop in unsubscribes, which shows an increase to Starred’s performance in email engagement.

Our approach to helping our customers is that we’re invested in partnering to build towards better feedback – developing a feedback process and offering a branded solution that makes you proud. To enable this we made our email design cleaner by eliminating unnecessary content and graphics. We focused on highlighting the sender of the email and the company alongside the initial embedded question.

At Starred, our mission is to make feedback better for everyone. We take that mission very seriously even when looking at the simplest details of how an email is designed. As we continue down our value driven product strategy, we will share the results of the projects in our pipeline that will have an impact for you.

So what’s in an email? A lot as we see it.