Candidate Experience Benchmark Reports

What is good Candidate Experience? Learn how your team’s performance compares to industry leaders. Download your Candidate Experience benchmark report below.

How does your Candidate Experience compare?

Starred is on a mission to help brands improve their Candidate Experience. We gathered data from businesses operating globally and using Starred as their feedback platform. Dive into the Candidate Experience benchmark from thousands of respondents of major industry leaders and see how your efforts compare.

Why it’s important to benchmark your Candidate Experience

We’ve long entered a candidate-centric era. Studies have repeatedly shown that companies delivering exceptional Candidate Experience see themselves gaining a competitive advantage in attracting best-fit talent, meeting the rising expectations of job seekers, and positive boosts to their (employer) brand.

And here’s the thing, we are all providing a Candidate Experience, whether you like it or not. But how do we understand if those experiences are positive or negative? To get to the bottom of this, you have to measure it. And to improve on something, you need to know what it is that needs improvement.

Measuring Candidate Experience has become a standard practice for most companies hiring at scale. Sending surveys to candidates at critical stages of their journey with you will get you the necessary experience data you’ll need to make effective recruitment decisions.

But you’ll want to compare your results with your peers and other companies. Benchmarking your Candidate Experience data means you can identify strengths and weaknesses in your application process and identify the latest trends. It gives you a realistic picture of areas your organization performs well in, identifies areas for improvement, and sets performance targets. Maybe having a Candidate NPS of -5 for rejected candidates isn’t all too bad? Using our benchmark reports, you can establish new standards to raise performance expectations across the team. It could form a way to strengthen your credibility and demonstrate effectiveness to your internal partners and stakeholders regarding your hiring process.

There are many reasons and ways to utilize benchmark data effectively. Feel free to download any of our Candidate Experience Benchmark reports, and feel free to reach out if you want to discuss.