5 Organizations Paving the Way to Inclusive Hiring

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 Diversity and Inclusivity are paramount for creativity and productivity - famously, organizations that care about DEI birth fresh ideas, unlock new markets, and develop more innovative products. Inclusive hiring improves the chances for good business results, and has an impact on society as a whole. As organizations are striving en masse to become inclusive employers to a diverse workforce, some are paving the way with exceptional and inspirational initiatives. Below, we’ll share our top 5:  

3.1 Microsoft

Microsoft has the most complete and extensive DEI efforts in the industry, and it’s clear that this has helped them achieve more positive results. The company that provides daycare services has a worker resource group that employees formed to assist one another. The firm has established objectives for Diversity and Inclusion, a policy on gender Diversity, and an approach to promoting Diversity and Inclusion in its workforce. Their inclusive hiring efforts include a NeuroDiversity Hiring program based on the belief that traditional hiring practices don’t let neurodivergent candidates’ strengths and qualifications shine. Microsoft excels in terms of racial and gender Diversity, too. According to data from 2020, 29.7 percent of the company’s board was composed of racial and ethnic minorities, with a total workforce makeup of 49.8 percent racial or ethnic minorities. According to the same information, Microsoft’s executives included 41.3% racial or ethnic minorities.

3.2 Centene

Centene is a company established in 1984 as a Medicaid plan by Elizabeth Brinn; it offers healthcare coverage to help people access quality care at low costs while also getting insurance for their employees. Centene has worked hard to promote women and people of color in their leadership positions. When it came into existence in 1984, women owned only 10% of businesses in the country. The company’s current CEO has worked to ensure DEI is not just a program but an ongoing effort. Here are some interesting numbers:

  • 36% of supervisor+ positions identify as people of color.
  • 42% identify as women or people of color on Centene’s board of directors.
  • 64% of supervisor+ positions are held by women.
  • 50% identify as people of color.

3.3 DoorDash

The American company operates an online food ordering and food delivery platform. They have a clear commitment to increase the number of women, POC, and nonbinary employees at all levels of their organization, but it’s their career accelerator Elevate that will leave a mark as an example of DEI excellence. The goal? Retaining and promoting women of color into senior positions. The 6-month cohort lets women of color access an external executive coach, an executive sponsor, and meetings with C-suite members and company directors. The impact is clear: after the cohort, 38% of fellows earn promotions. Elevate’s success is attributed to its combination of mentoring, coaching, and sponsorship

3.4 Biogen

The company’s “Diverse by Design” initiative focuses on four key areas: recruitment, retention, advancement, and supplier Diversity. Biogen wants to have a workforce that reflects the patients they serve, and they have seen success in this area. Biogen has increased Diversity by establishing a vendor Diversity program that focuses on increasing opportunities for businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, and the LGBTQ community. The company also offers employee resource groups (ERGs) to help employees connect with the company.

3.5 Twilio

Twilio helps organizations and brands of all sizes create meaningful moments with users across the globe—from the simplest text messages to life-saving communications. Their approach to DEI is impressive in that it is truly all-encompassing - in fact, it makes us proud that they’re our customers! Twilio extends an anti-racist approach to serve all other underrepresented communities, including LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, individuals with military experience, and more. Their focus also includes the often-forgotten intersectional identities. Equity and Inclusion are prioritized while Twilio builds diverse teams - they’re aware of the need for dismantling barriers and addressing the opportunity gap. They strive to be committed, curious, uncomfortable, and courageous in all aspects of DEI. Among the plethora of programs they have established, they have instituted an internal recruitment initiative they call The Inclusion Rule. It supports their leadership in building diverse teams by ensuring a diverse slate of candidates reaches the onsite stage of the interview process.