Webinar: How Marqeta Became the Leader in Hiring Manager Satisfaction

2023 Hiring Manager Satisfaction Report
Lucas Nehemiah
Senior Manager, Talent Operations & Programs
Klaudia Witkowska
Content Marketing Manager

Re-watch our webinar to learn about findings from our 2023 Hiring Manager Satisfaction Report and hear all about Marqeta's success story and best practices around Hiring Manager Satisfaction.

In this webinar, you will:
  1. Learn about the importance of measuring Hiring Manager Satisfaction
  2. Be the first one to access the insights from our 2023 Hiring Manager Satisfaction Benchmark Report
  3. Hear the success story of Marqeta, one of the leaders in Hiring Manager Satisfaction
  4. Understand how Hiring Manager NPS contributes to providing a good Candidate Experience
  5. Get an exclusive copy of the 2023 Hiring Manager Satisfaction Benchmark Report
What is this webinar about?

Happy Hiring Managers contribute to a positive organizational culture and drive the success of your talent acquisition efforts. Prioritizing their satisfaction isn’t just about keeping them happy—it’s about building a strong, efficient, and successful recruitment process that benefits everyone.

By tracking Hiring Manager satisfaction, you gain valuable insights into areas that need improvement. This ensures that your recruitment process is always evolving, helping you attract top talent and reduce turnover.

Our Hiring Manager NPS data from 2023 shows that large companies have a significantly lower NPS (+58 on average), than small-medium sized ones (+81 on average).  

That’s why we have partnered with Marqeta, who are one of the highest scoring companies within the Hiring Manager Satisfaction overall. In the webinar, Lucas shares Marqeta's best practices for measuring and enhancing Hiring Manager experience.

Learn all about:

  1. Why it's important to measure Hiring Manager Satisfaction
  2. How to enhance the experience of Hiring Managers within your organization
  3. What are some of the best practices to ensure high Hiring Manager Satisfaction and NPS
  4. How does high Hiring Manager NPS contribute to providing a good Candidate Experience
  5. What are the current trends around Hiring Manager Satisfaction

To make it even more exciting, we're sharing findings from our upcoming 2023 Hiring Manager Satisfaction Benchmark Report and giving you an exclusive look at the Top 10 companies with the highest Hiring Manager NPS.

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