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Starred offers end-to-end and two-way integrations with several of the most popular CRMs, ATS and Helpdesk software systems.

A two-way integration with the world’s most-used CRM.

  • Automatically trigger surveys from within your CRM.
  • Push survey responses back to your contacts or Cases.
  • Automate the whole feedback loop without ever having to leave your CRM environment.

Build your own automations and integrations.

  • Starred API is easily integratedwith Zapier, giving you freedom and flexibility in customization.
  • Zapier offers integrations access to over 1000 apps: send your feedback data to hundreds of applications.

This integration requires a third party account.

How effective is your customer support?

  • Survey customers when a Zendesk ticket is closed: identify strengths and weaknesses in your support.
  • Close the feedback loop: our Zendesk integration also pushes survey responses back to Zendesk.

Bring feedback to life at your organisation.

  • Stay up-to-date: automatically feed Starred feedback responses into Slack.
  • Invite your colleagues to give feedback from within Slack.

Build automated feedback into your candidate journey

  • Automatically survey candidates & hiring managers at multiple touchpoints during the application process.
  • Candidate NPS is a valuable metric: validate and improve your employer brand, attract high quality candidates.

WhatsApp is an increasingly important channel for customer engagement.

  • Invite respondents to Starred surveys.

This integration involves a third party account.

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Built to scale

Leverage the full power of feedback by seamlessly integrating Starred into your system. Make you of our extensive API to integrate Starred with any software in your organization.

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