Starred and Bullhorn Survey Integration

Get feedback at key touchpoints in Bullhorn.
Customized, insightful, automated.
Meet Starred.
Still guessing about what your clients really think?
Look in the mirror.
It’s a competitive market, and to differentiate you need candidate and client insights. Feedback is key.
Opinions shape your future.
Turn opinion into data. Quantify perceptions of your client- and candidate experience. Where can you improve?
You’re already busy.
Feedback is essential, but you don’t have the time to handle it manually. Get insights rolling in continuously with Starred’s Bullhorn integration.
We work where you work
As an official Bullhorn partner, our integration delivers a reliable solution to gather feedback automatically from your Bullhorn environment.

Trigger Candidate Net Promoter Score surveys in your own look and feel.

Get feedback across multiple touchpoints
Engaging invitations and easy-to-use surveys geared for high response rate. Automated triggers to send out at important touchpoints in your Bullhorn workflow, like Placement and End of Placement.
Start of placement
End of placement
Candidate rejected

Trigger customized, branded survey. How happy are your client and candidate with your service?
Trigger customized, branded survey.
Was the temp placement a success?
What do they have to say? Would they work with you again? Learn from their experience.
Send customized, personalized surveys: How happy are they with your service at every stage? Have you won Promoters?
Candidate rejected workflow coming soon
We’ll crunch the numbers
Actionable insights, prioritised by impact. Starred’s Priority Matrix shows you what to improve to boost candidate and client NPS.
Filter insights by segment,
or over time.
Compare different groups –
both internal and external.
Unlimited # users. Give your team(s) access to their feedback.
“One of the best things about Starred is the flexibility and adaptability to our own way of working.”

Dennis van Weeren
Operations Director

Altus Staffing is a successful Dutch IT recruitment company. Read how Starred automated feedback across their 5 brands in Bullhorn.

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