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If you walk into a dark room, the first thing you do is turn the lights on. It’s an immediate reaction that we are used to doing and is generally a norm. The best way to build great products is to listen and engage with user feedback. However, although it’s considered a best practice, it’s not a norm that is followed through frequently. One of the reasons I joined Starred is that I firmly believe in the mission of making feedback better for everyone. I’ve seen the value of it in software development and also as a consumer with customer service feedback and as an employee with HR engagement feedback.

Over the last few months, we have listened and heard great ideas from our clients on how we can improve our platform and services. As we firmly believe in building together, it is important that we share and refine the ideas towards our goal of making the best technology in the world to create, distribute and analyze feedback.

I share those themes of creating, distributing and analyzing feedback because it is at the heart of what we do to provide inspiration for better services, products, and experiences. Listening to our customers going through the feedback process ourselves showed us four major themes that we will be focusing on with our technology:

These themes are going to be the driving force behind the product changes you will see in weeks and months ahead. And as we listened, we worked together internally to determine the best way to create, refine and bring value to you. It’s also incredibly important for us to build products which align with our own culture and values. At Starred we:

  • Work smarter
  • Start with the human
  • Embrace and drive change
  • Build together

Bringing feedback to life at any organization needs to proceed from these kinds of principles. But what do these themes mean for you and your experience with Starred? It means that you should expect some exciting changes ahead:

Show Value Right Away: We’ve heard from many of you that the value in the feedback you receive is great - especially with Starred’s high response rate - and that value should be shown right away. Whether it’s having top-line company data - number of active survey, average response rate - or granular level data - a feed showing comments - we want to bring this value we have in a straightforward way.

Intuitive User Experience: As value is being created, it also has to be presented thoughtfully. Going hand-in-hand with this is creating a user experience that is intuitive, simple and innovative. If that means business intelligence data broken down into tiles so you can drop and drag to create your own metrics view, we know that bringing the value upfront is critical to our clients' success. So we will be focusing heavily on updating our user experience in the next few months to meet the feedback you have given us.

Leverage Data and Knowledge: The trend in the last few years is that data is the new gold. And we believe that leveraging our massive data set to provide you insight is a great opportunity. Whether it’s working with world-class business intelligence tools to sit on top of our data structure or providing reporting tooling so you can slice the data the way you need it, it is important to us to empower our clients to do that.

Connect and Automate to Value: Increasingly we see that clients use a CRM to manage customers, an ATS for hiring and another tool to manage the sales pipeline. Connecting to these sources of client value is integral to success, and a reason we are excited about continuing to enhance our API, and developing a dedicated Integrations Hub that houses simple-to-use logic to connect to what you need.

These themes are all connected in providing you the best value Starred can offer to make your customers happier, your products better and your revenue higher. Together our product, design, integration and development teams will be focused on taking ownership of the great feedback you have given us as we continue to build together. As we go through this process we will reach out to you to validate if we are on the right path and to adjust the course as necessary.

At Starred our mission to make feedback better for everyone. Part of making it better is using the data as a source of inspiration to empower change. The best way we can live our values is by acting on the feedback of our most important customer: you. I am looking forward to hearing your continued thoughts as we work together to show that feedback matters.

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