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At Starred, we spend much time improving the user experience for the respondent, which means that we want to provide our clients with feedback forms that are well-designed, optimized for devices, and provide excellent user experience. 

We focus on this, because the respondent’s input ultimately provides a preview of how the experience or service can be refined, leveraged, maintained, or monitored. 

A single response does not give an idea of the whole picture. However, once you weave together all the data, you can start seeing a story, a story that will be brought to life in our Insights Gallery, which we’re proud to launch in Beta today. 

Data is a wonderful thing, but to fully see its value, it needs to be organized, segmented, and put through real-world filters, so that the picture becomes clearer.
Feedback is multi-faceted information: if it comes from a candidate applying to a job, a customer, a client, or an employee, feedback always has a different use-case.
When we set out to build the Insights Gallery, we did so with the goal of normalizing some use-cases for Candidate Experience. This is because the process is standardized, as in it’s always pertaining the application phase, up until the interview phase, and the participants are standardized, too: in fact, they are either Agencies or Corporate Recruiters.
With the Candidate Experience vertical in mind, we developed insight cards that provide you with a particular story. 

For example, the Recruiter Performance Matrix ties together the cNPS of Recruiters, based on the feedback collected at various stages of the recruitment pipeline. Tying these feedback points together and applying them to a segment, shows us which recruiters are providing a great customer experience. In addition, it gives us a clear idea of which parts of the process can be improved. It’s measurable, clear, and provides actionable intent.

To be very clear about the use cases and impact of these reporting insights, each report will display a page that gives you an overview of the insight details, and the cost, so that you will have a clear idea of the value you will receive.

For those of you in the Customer Feedback and Employee Engagement spaces, a custom reporting request can be submitted. It will see our team work with you to come up with the report that fits your specific use-case.

So, why are we launching this in Beta? The answer is simple: we want to get this to you, our customers, as soon as possible, because we already see the value that these insights can provide. 

Moreover, we are working on the technical implementation, to make these reports simple to purchase and use. 

During this Beta period, all reporting requests will be created by our BI Analyst, and we will share access to the reporting platform with you.
In the next few months, any report that is added to an account can be accessed in real-time, directly in the Starred application. 

This Beta phase will let us learn from each other. We will understand the various use cases and reporting needs you have, and these learnings will develop new reports into the Insights Gallery.We hope that, by combining your respondent data with advanced business intelligence, our Insights Gallery can be the start of something great.
In the end, we hope the insights provided by these reports lead to better candidate experience, satisfied customers, and engaged employees. As a feedback company, we will continue to listen to your needs for data insights and continually refine the reporting capabilities of our product to meet your needs. If there are insights that you think would be an interesting addition to our gallery, I would love to hear from you!

Feel free to send me comments or requests for new additions via email

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