Why you need an automated Candidate Experience solution

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As described in Chapter 4, getting the right insights into your Candidate Experience is a big project. Having a personalized survey for each stage in the recruitment process and being able to segment data on different levels are just some of the steps required in collecting actionable Candidate Experience data. If you’re data-driven and care about rich insights and valuable takeaways, measuring Candidate Experience with a manual solution like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms just won’t give you the insights needed to make change.

Using an automated Candidate Experience solution is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to measuring and understanding Candidate Experience. Let’s take a look at exactly why you need an automated Candidate Experience solution.

Cost Effectiveness

Manual solutions require recruiters to use platforms like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms to create a general template or set of templates that have to be manually coordinated and sent out by recruiters to different candidates at various points. They also have to be manually processed, and the takeaways have to be organized by hand.

The job market has changed and many openings are receiving a large amount of suitable candidates. Recruiters are busy enough with filtering and securing talent, and automating your Candidate Experience solution can save them lots of time. If you’ve hired an agency, then you know that recruiters are expensive. Having them manually copy and send survey links is, at best, a misuse of resources. Time is money, and manual handling of Candidate Experience Feedback can quickly get very, very expensive, even when it only takes a few hours per week. That time could be better spent preparing for interviews, reviewing resumes, or training to improve candidates’ experience.

Efficiency and Higher Response Rates

Automation also lets you precisely schedule when to send surveys, ensuring that each candidate receives a survey at exactly the right time, leading to higher response rates. We’re proud to have a total average response rate of 30%, and around 90% for hired candidates - some of the highest figures on the market. We’ve also seen that Starred customers are over 200% more efficient in the entire process of measuring and analyzing Candidate Experience, compared to when they used manual solutions.

Sending surveys out at the right time is crucial. We see that it’s best to deliver a survey 2 to 3 days after the candidate has left the recruitment process. Candidates need to be asked about their feedback when they exit the process, and doing this manually is incredibly tedious and time-consuming. It also results in an inconsistent sampling of candidates, wherein candidates receive surveys long after they’ve moved on and focused on other applications.

Automation also eliminates the potential for human error. When collecting feedback manually, moving a single row in Excel by one cell - an understandable mistake - can have the consequences of addressing each candidate with the wrong name, which is bound to cause some negative Candidate Experience.

Data Filtering and Rich Insights

One of the clearest benefits of automating your feedback collection through a dedicated solution is the ability to process and display data in an easily consumable manner, regardless of the scale of hiring. Considering an automated solution gives you access to elements like our dashboard, which lets you drill down into and explore your data in a granular fashion. You can put in specific filters and dynamically segment your data, enabling you to access advanced insights and closely understand your candidate base. We also have a Priority Matrix, which automatically analyzes your data and provides you with actionable takeaways so you can understand what areas of your Candidate Experience you should focus on improving. You can combine this with our Recruiter Matrix, which tracks each recruiters’ performance and lets you understand which of your team members require training in different areas.

One more benefit of using an automated solution is having access to unique data points that enhance your understanding of your results. Starred features industry benchmarks that are updated every 5 hours, letting you understand where your Candidate Experience stands in relation to others in your industry.

Automatic ATS Integration

Your heart drops as you think about the process of integrating technology into your ATS. All the hours spent, the colleagues involved from all angles, and a lot of technical blockers holding up your Candidate Experience dreams…

We’ve all been there: when technology becomes the inhibitor instead of the enabler. But fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Automating your feedback solution allows you to leverage powerful ATS and API integration to streamline your process. We here at Starred have Starred Connect, which features a powerful, no-code integration with just about any ATS on the market. This means that any recruitment team can connect Starred to their ATS in a matter of just a few clicks, without requiring a team of developers. Don’t worry, our Customer Success team will be there to guide you towards successful integration. You’re not in it alone!

ats integration
and all other major ATS's!

By integrating directly with your ATS, Starred can automatically send surveys based on actions taken within your system. Data is automatically pulled from your ATS, and the correct type of survey is sent, tailored to where the candidate exited the hiring process, to ensure that your surveys have optimal response and engagement rates. No additional legwork or tedious administrative tasks required.

Overall, the benefits of automated Candidate Experience Feedback solutions are many, and will ensure that you save on time, money, and are always able to quickly access the most relevant insights at a glance. In addition, you can personalize your surveys and questions with brand colors and graphics, and create a seamless, professional experience for your candidates.

No matter how many candidates send you their feedback, you’ll be able to immediately understand and address their concerns. You can easily benchmark yourself against your industry peers, and can plan accordingly. Pair this with our Starred Priority Matrix and Recruiter Performance Matrix, and you’ll be armed with the best insights possible, drawn directly from your data.

There’s one more bonus, too: Starred allows you to automatically forward happy candidates to a review platform, like Glassdoor, by displaying personalized “Thank You” pages at the end of a survey. This allows you to reap the benefits of positive Candidate Experience through increased reviews from satisfied applicants, without any additional hassle.

What’s next?

So, you’ve easily integrated your Candidate Experience solution with your Applicant Tracking System, but what’s the next step in your goal to uncover what makes your candidates tick?

Now that you’re integrated, you can begin to automate collecting feedback from your candidates through a range of surveys, based on what stage of the interview process they are in, and various other elements. Automating these processes can save countless hours for your team, allowing them to focus on what really matters; finding the right people to build and grow your company.