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By now, you get it. Candidate Experience is one of the biggest pillars of a successful hiring strategy. You know what it is, why it’s important, and the need for measuring it if you want to improve it. But now you’re thinking, what are some typical findings from other companies? And what improvements do they actually make?

We looked to some of our customers to see what they discovered in their Candidate Experience data.

Elastic’s Interviewer Training Program

examples candidate experience

Elastic, the innovative company behind Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash, employs over 2000 people in 5 countries across the globe. Elastic was continuously looking at ways to deliver an extraordinary hiring experience for candidates, hiring managers, and the teams they support. They relied on Starred’s ATS integration to effortlessly collect candidate experience data at scale. They quickly found out certain parts of the business needed better interview skills, hence they started a dedicated Interviewer Training Program.

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Twilio’s experience with HackerRank

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Twilio uses HackerRank for technical assessments. Mathias Connot, the VP Talent Acquisition at Twilio, saw Candidate Experience scores skyrocket in India related to the assessment. Mathias immediately called the TA lead in India to discover how this came to be. It turned out that the recruiters in India personally called the candidates to give a short introduction on the assessment itself and the interface. This small action resulted in a huge boost to the Candidate Experience, and Mathias immediately made sure this became part of their global process.

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Gorillas consultancy training to the service department

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Gorillas is the fastest Unicorn in Europe, that’s a lot of growth! There was a huge amount of scaling in the Customer Service department as customer demand increased, and Gorillas had to hire at an unbelievable pace. This saw their Candidate Experience scores decrease, especially compared to the other teams. Kateryna Myronenko, Candidate Experience Partner at Gorillas, was quick to uncover this dip in score and shared access with the department's recruiters to see their results in Starred, allowing them to track their performance. Next, she identified opportunities for upskilling the team on their approach and processes to improve performance and the Candidate Experience.

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Wolt’s Candidate Experience A/B tests

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When scaling, it’s difficult to keep your processes in place. Wolt saw their headcount increase quickly and had to put new software and processes in place on the fly. What they did very smart though, is to keep Candidate Experience at the heart of their decision making. What impacts the Candidate Experience positively can stay and will be implemented throughout the organization, what doesn’t will be removed. Wolt conducts A/B tests to see what is the better decision to move forward with. They saw that candidates that went through, an AI-assisted Smart Interviewer solution, gave significantly higher Candidate Experience scores than the candidates that didn’t. The choice was easy: implement across for everyone.

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VodafoneZiggo saved up to $142K of revenue in 4 months by improving Candidate Experience

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The biggest broadband provider in the Netherlands saw their Candidate Experience increase by up to 25% after measuring with Starred. One simple tactic did the trick, relying on Starred’s Firefight Alerts. These alerts trigger notifications to the right recruiter whenever a candidate has a poor experience. VodafoneZiggo made sure to have all the recruiters call each candidate with a poor experience to explain the situation and alleviate the situation. They saw a huge boost in Candidate Experience and calculated it would have saved them at least $142K in 3.5 months time.

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Feedback Fridays at Elastic

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Not only did Elastic develop an Interviewer Training Program based on Starred data, they also launched the Feedback Friday newsletter, crafted by the recruitment team. While it doesn’t steer clear from uncomfortable feedback, it’s an even more powerful platform to celebrate Candidate Experience success!

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