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By this point, you should be well armed with the knowledge necessary to understanding Candidate Experience.

Let’s recap on the important bits:

Candidate Experience is the cumulative experience that your candidates have when applying for a position, from the first time they see your job listing or page, to the end of the process.

Candidate Experience is important because it directly affects the way your business is seen. Doing it right means you get positive word-of-mouth, stronger brand reputation, and a larger pool of potential talent, with more referrals. Doing it wrong will damage your reputation, hurt your relationships with your customers, cost you revenue, and reduce your pool of potential talent.

Candidate Experience starts right when potential applicants first interact with your company, but it doesn’t end when the hiring process is complete. Employees can always engage in internal mobility and become candidates from within the company, too.

Making your candidates heard is best done with a solution like Starred, which automatically handles the collection, analysis, and processing of Candidate Experience data.

This provides you with insights unique to your team on how to improve your process and lets you benchmark your data.Confused about what to ask on a Candidate Experience Survey? We’ve created a handy list of categories drawn from real data that we suggest you use. We’ve also identified what candidates care about by drawing on 370,000+ individual responses, outlining what you should focus on. Otherwise, you can get inspired from our example surveys.

Automated collection of Candidate Experience data with Starred will save your recruiters valuable time and effort and ensure you receive rich, data-driven insights. It also lets you time surveys to be sent out at the best time, boosting response rates, and supports rapid, no-code integration with your ATS.

Candidate Experience is increasingly important to your DEI efforts, and is the deciding factor for 70% of minority candidates. DEI is also highly valued by all rejected and withdrawn candidates. Doing it right is the first step in securing diverse talent.

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